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Creating the Perfect Bowl of Pho: A Talk with the Boss

Superior Pho’s owner Manh Nguyen on what goes into creating the perfect bowl of pho: A Talk with the Boss

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Manh Nguyen turned a lifelong love of pho into a bustling restaurant that draws standing-room-only lunch and dinner crowds despite being in a hard-to-find location with zero street visibility.

Inside a sparsely decorated former warehouse outfitted with floor heaters to ward off the chill, Clevelanders share tables as they chat over steaming bowls of pho…

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Superior Pho Review by ADAM RICHMAN

Located inside a rather decrepit shopping plaza off of Superior, this place is truly a hidden gem. Enter through the parking lot in the back (the sign is rather hard to see), walk past a decent, but ultra basic Korean place, ignore the hideous faded yellow walls and fluorescent lighting, and head to Superior Pho through the glass wall on your right. Its also very sparsely decorated, but the real attention here is to the food. The Pho here is top flight with mountains of vegetables, limes, sprouts etc. The meat is sliced perfectly thin and one can get any variant of Pho. My choice is the number 10 – the Pho and their delicious Banh Mi (roast port, pate, cilantro, radish sandwich) sandwich. Order the sandwich spicy and do NOT take it to go. Your car will smell like ass from it.

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Best Pho Restaurants In Cleveland

Superior Pho was the first Vietnamese pho house to arrive on the Cleveland dining scene; it has one of the most impressive Vietnamese menus in the area. The restaurant features 14 variations of pho with six types of meat and many other complementary dishes. Cinnamon and ginger are two of unique ingredients Superior Pho divulges as part of the recipes, and the broth is simmered for more than a day to provide great flavors.

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Superior Pho: Hard-to-find Vietnamese eatery is hard not to like

With a name like Superior Pho, you should be good at letting people know where you’re located. Not so at this gem of Vietnamese cuisine. Try finding it at its Superior Avenue address, and you’ll discover Just Like Mom’s soul food shop. The pho operation happens to be inside the same building, down the hall, in the back.

Who finds their way? Plenty of regulars, including this reviewer, who have visited over the past eight years. Word-of-mouth has worked like a charm for the small family business, which recently expanded.

Pho, which should come out of the mouth like “phau” with tonal distinctions few Westerners can carry off, is a national dish of Vietnam. It’s a fragrant, clear soup that makes use of freshly prepared meat broth, noodles, meats in various stages of cooking (including meatballs or thin, raw slices of beef that poach in the liquid), plus all kinds of aromatic herbs, crunchy bean sprouts and zesty sauces. A good pho is a magnet to Southeast Asian fans just like chicken soup with matzo balls is to Jewish deli fans — and to soup lovers everywhere...

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Superior Pho: Truly superior version of the Vietnamese meal in a bowl

Some extraordinary dishes in this modest haven to Vietnamese food. Lunches are quick, and it’s a great place for dinner before theater downtown.

Pho is a national dish of Vietnam, a fragrant, clear soup that makes use of freshly prepared meat broth, noodles and meats in various stages of cooking, plus all kinds of aromatic herbs, crunchy bean sprouts and zesty sauces. Go for it here, one of the best in the city. The two small dining rooms are often filled and are run by an ever-swift and generous staff. Don’t miss the chicken fried rice, a haunting comfort food that tastes nutty and meaty in new ways; the “Vietnamese” sandwich, made rich with a luxurious layer of homemade pate and sparked by slices of jalapeno; and the lime-spiked house chicken cabbage salad.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Asiatown (but were afraid to ask)

According to the latest census figures, roughly 30,000 Asian-Americans call Cuyahoga County home, a number that continues to rise. Many of these folks live, work, shop and eat in Cleveland's AsiaTown neighborhood, which is loosely bordered by E. 30th and 40th streets and St. Clair and Payne avenues. Located in this dense district are numerous Asian-owned restaurants, markets and bakeries. Here are some of the stand-outs.

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Superior Pho T-shirts

You’ve been asking for them for years. Now, in just a few weeks, we’ll have an official Superior Pho t-shirt so you can represent your favorite spot for slurping!

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