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A Meal in Itself

Phở is a hearty rice-noodle soup with cuts of tender, thinly-sliced beef.

At Superior Phở, we serve an authentic family recipe passed down from generation to generation. Creating the broth is a time-intensive process that requires simmering for an entire day. Each bowl of phở guides your taste buds through a flavorful journey full of exotic spices, bringing you to a warm place in sunny Vietnam where it all began.

"The 7C" - BÁnh MÌ ThỊt

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A Superior Phở Classic

The Vietnamese Sandwich, also known as Bánh Mì, is a classic here at Superior Phở. Our Bánh Mì’s succulent roast pork, rich paté, and creamy mayonnaise are all made in-house, and served with slices of crisp cucumber, pickled carrots & daikons, and a spicy kick of jalapeños.